Short praise for Ohrbit, a Chiptune, Eight Bit, Bit Pop Festival that took place last weekend in Duisburg.

I’ve only heard about Ohrbit Festival a few months ago, but this little gem is already in its fifth year. While I do listen to Synthwave and 8bit music, this was my first live event for this genre. I was quite surprised. The tracks were faster and louder than I expected, and way more danceable. Some acts delivered quite the show. Plus glitchy video content. Very impressive.

Find out what you missed in this great compilation by Alex from DMGpage.

Favorite Acts

The lineup consisted of seven acts: Sixteen 187, Irrlicht Project, Firestarter, Zweitgolf, Tekmann, 3D63 (Edge), Krachwalze. I just wanna highlight my two favorites:

Tekmann from Sweden. Here’s a compilation of his set at Chipwrecked festival 2017.

Irrlicht Project from Berlin. Here’s his set from 2018.


We’ll be back!

We were also really happy with the location, the Djäzz. You can always assess the quality of a club by the stickers on the toilets. And there were plenty of stickers.

Sticker mit dem Text: Neulich Nacht habe ich in die Stadt gekackt

Anyway, great location, great acts, great festival. I am pretty sure we will be back next year.


PS. Midway through the event, I decided on my own bitpop artist name: Chipster.
The next day I found out that, unfortunately, the world already has a Chipster, it’s a software for analyzing high-throughput data. So I thought about Mister Chipster. But of course, Mister Chipster is taken as well. Guess, I’m stuck with the old band.


Cover image: Picture by Spencer Imbrock via, mashed up with some musicial notes from